I write diverse YA and NA novels. Here’s what I’m working on:

Miles Away From You

Miles has loved Vivian, his transgender girlfriend, for the past three years–but she’s only been conscious for half of it. While his activist moms and Vivian’s conservative parents clash over the gender, identity, and rights of a body in a hospital bed, Miles is the only one willing to face the fact that the person they all loved isn’t coming back.
Struggling to figure out how to break up with someone in a coma and exhausted by the heavily publicized court battle, Miles books a trip to Iceland. There, in a forest-themed hotel straight out of a storybook, a quirky concierge helps Miles honor Vivian’s memory and begin to move on. Miles documents his travels, and his slowly healing heart, through a series of instant messages to Vivian that he knows she’ll never see.

Bird & Vine


Two Stories Intertwined

The Bird:
Twenty year-old Rook is destined to become the caretaker of the Svartlands, his tribe’s mystical, healing black sand. Rook takes on his duties as a healer with the same disinterest he has for all other facets of his life–his relationships, his home, and his sexuality–unaware that the first person he heals will change him forever.
And The Vine:
Seventeen year old Ivy never understood her strange, prophetic drawing abilities until the day her twin sister Ava took her to meet a mysterious, shapeshifting stranger called Jinx. Ivy learns that like Jinx, she is an Aenchant, a human who possesses extraordinary powers. When the Prince of Hiraeth shows up to ask for Ivy’s help, she must put aside her fears to help him find his missing brother.


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