Museletter #1: Dylan Marron

It’s been a rough week trying to process what happened in Orlando on Sunday. Even though I wasn’t directly affected, I’ve found myself mourning each loss at every unoccupied moment this week. I feel helpless, and angry, and sad. I woke up this morning thinking I should do something simple to spread more positivity after this long, awful week. I decided to boost my muses, to find a place to share little bits of inspiration from people who inspire me.
Today, it’s Dylan Marron.
I first discovered Dylan a couple years ago when he joined the cast of one of my favorite podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale. On WTNV, Dylan plays Carlos, an adorably cheerful scientist who falls for the main character, Cecil. I loved seeing (well, hearing, technically) their queer relationship portrayed so openly and unapologetically on this weird little sci-fi show.


Cecil Baldwin and Dylan Marron in Welcome to Night Vale Live, May 5, 2015

I’ve been keeping an eye out for Dylan here and there. Each time I see him, he’s bringing something so smart, amazing, and capital-A-Awesome into the world. You may have seen his Every Single Word videos that highlight the need for more stories portrayed by people of color:


This week, in the wake of the Orlando tragedy, Dylan seems to be doing nothing but spreading the love around. On Monday, he moderated and interfaith conversation about religion, sexuality, and love:

On Tuesday, he tweeted “I am a soft-spoken brown queer man who wears his mother’s pearl earrings. And I love my queerness. Let’s start a #queerseflove hashtag.” and encouraged thousands of people to tweet about identity and pride.
Most recently, Dylan made this video of men kissing, with the promise that for each homophobic comment, a dollar will be given to support the OneOrlando Fund.

Watching that video this morning made me realize how simple it is to choose positivity, to put a brave foot forward instead of being weighed down by tragedy and hate. I hope Dylan inspires you to do the same.