Pattern Play

It’s day two of my art journaling adventure. The other night I decided to sign up for a new online class to help me get back in the swing of things. Ashley Goldberg’s Paint Plan Play was within my price range. I’ve always admired her work and it looks nothing like mine, so I was interested to see what I’d do with her prompts.  I’m just getting started digging into the class. Here are a couple of warm-up projects I did:


That’s just paint pen on a messy acrylic background. I was so excited to try the class’s mark-making techniques that I brought my journal to work and did this in the breakroom. It’s nothing beautiful, but that’s the best part about art journaling. It’s about enjoying the process, not the end result.


This was another attempt at messy pattern-making. I was in the mood to make a pretty design then mess it up with oozy bleeding hearts. I inked up a rubber stamp with some of those ink daubbers old ladies use for bingo (I love unconventional art supplies) and stamped it on a plain gessoed background. Then I used homemade spray inks to make a few of the hearts a little messy. Simple and sweet!


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