Triple Seven Challenge

I’ve been nominated to take part in the Triple Seven challenge by fellow author E.G. Moore. The object of the challenge is to share seven lines from page seven of my manuscript, then tag seven writers to do the same. The following excerpt is from my contemporary NA, Miles Away From You:


And it’s not like I was angry when I moved out. Or that there was some huge fight. I just wanted some independence. Some space for you and me. I was in love. And now all that space, that love, is like the tip of a freshly extinguished match pressed against my skin. Sulphur, heat, and pain without any flames.

The writers I’m tagging are:

Melanie Terrill

Alana Saltz

Laura Castle

Noel Ashland

Maggie Giles

Victoria Smith

Laura Creedle

Great challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone posts.


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